Award Ceremony & Dinner

The Global Asset Allocation Awards Ceremony honors enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to wealth management and asset management, and encourages organizations that grow rapidly and have great potential to be industry leaders.

Since establishment, it has recognized hundreds of notable enterprises in the industry and gained a fine reputation. By recognizing outstanding achievements in the industry, the Awards will continue to stimulate innovation and leadership among industry participants.

Awards List:

    1) Banking Category:
  • China Private Bank Leadership Award
  • China Private Bank Excellent Brand Award
  • Excellent Award for Private Bank in UNHW Customer Service
  • Best Private Bank for Asset Management in China
  • Most Potential China Private Bank Award
  • Model of Private Bank in Product Innovation
  • Model of China Private Bank in Exploring Overseas Markets
  • Digital Private Bank Leadership Award
  • Asia Pacific Private Banking Outstanding Contribution Award
    2) Independent Wealth Category:
  • China Independent Wealth Leadership Award
  • Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Customer Service
  • Excellent Award for China Independent Wealth in Product Innovation
  • Leadership Award for Independent Wealth in Risk Management
  • China Independent Wealth Rising Star Award
  • Digital Wealth Leadership Award
  • International Independent Wealth Model Award
  • Excellent Award for Independent Wealth in Asset Allocation
    3)Comprehensive Wealth Management Category:
  • Word of Mouth Award for Wealth Management in Private Funds
  • Private Funds Excellent Risk Management Award
  • Trust Brand in Wealth Management Business
  • Family Trust Industry Leadership Award
  • Excellent Brand of Wealth Management in Insurance Business Asia Pacific
  • Most Popular Health Insurance Award
  • Most Promising Features Award in Wealth Management
  • Excellent Brand for Legal Service in Family Trust
  • Excellent Brand for Law Firm in Global Asset Allocation
    4)Family Wealth Inheritance Category:
  • Most Reliable Award for Family Wealth Butler Service
  • Outstanding Family Office Brand Award
  • Excellent Award for Family Office in Comprehensive Service Ability
  • Best Award for Family Trust in Product Innovation
  • Family Office Business Model Innovation Award
    5) Wealth Technology Category:
  • Outstanding Brand for TAMP Service in Wealth Management
  • Most Potential TAMP Company in Wealth Management
  • Smart Investment Innovation Leadership Award
  • wealth Management AI Leadership Award
    6)Asset Management and Service Category:
  • Outstanding Award for Customer Service of Global Asset Allocation
  • Best Award for Product Innovation of Global Asset Allocation
  • Smart Asset Management Industry Breakthrough Award
  • Excellent Award for Global Alternative Investment
  • Global Real Estate Investment Expert Award
  • Most Popular Brand for Overseas Study Institute
  • Excellent High-end Medical Service Brand
    7) ESG Category:
  • Outstanding China Private Bank ESG Brand Award
  • Independent Wealth ESG Brand Award
  • Trust Social Responsibility Brand Award
  • Excellent Brand of Securities Company in Responsible Investment
  • Excellent Brand of Private Equity in Responsible Investment
  • Excellent Brand of Fund in Responsible Investment
  • Insurance Social Responsible Brand Award
  • Family Office ESG Model Award
    8)People Category
  • China Private Banking Leader Award
  • Independent wealth management Pioneer Award
  • Global Asset Allocation Outstanding Individual Award
  • Asset Management Outstanding Individual Award
  • Year of Philanthropic Figure
    Ranking: 2020 Most Influential Wealth Brands Top 10


Time Process
2019.12.1-2020.7.20 Registration and Recruitment, Complete the award application form and send it back to the Organizing Committee.
2020.7.21-2020.7.31 Information Arrangement, The Organizing Committee organizes all the registration materials of awards applicants
2020.8.1-2020.8.15 Awards selection stage
  • Expert selection | GAAF2020 expert advisory board comprised with endorsers, speakers and media partners are entitled with the vote and veto rights.
  • WeChat voting | The Organizing Committee will count the final votes after enterprises and individuals vote on line in this stage.
  • Data sources | McKinsey, Scorpio Partnership, CB Insights, UBS, Deloitte, BCG, PwC, Bain, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse
2020.8.20 Awards Presentation:Global Asset Allocation Awards Ceremony 2020

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